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Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm featured in a craft blog today!

A quick shout out to Suzy, at Suzy's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom blog ... for featuring my Tropical Peacock Earrings today! If you haven't visited Suzy's blog, you have to check it out. She's full of artsy-craftsy fun. Her motto is "... because life is a sitcom, covered in glitter, hot glue strings and dog hair ... isn't it?". Now you KNOW there's something that will bring a smile there! Tune in for her Monday Etsy Madness, where she features artists and items from Etsy, based on the theme for the week. She's found some delightful tropical things for today and they range from my earrings, to Pina Colada Whipped Sugar Scrub and a gorgeous batik tropical painting. Many thanks to Suzy for the publicity and be sure to tune in to see what artsy-craftsy goodness she's found next: http://www.suzyssitcom.com/2011/06/monday-etsy-madness_27.html

Happy Monday - so much on the way!

Happy Monday everyone! I know it's been a while since I've posted ... I've been busy, busy, busy creating! I've just released a line of handcrafted sterling silver and natural brass earwires, in a collection created especially for Rabbit Hutch Beads, the lampwork glass artist I design jewelry for! They're available in their online store and they've debuted at her shows the last two weekends. The response has been good and we're excited about rolling these new items out! I hope to start using my own handcrafted earwires in my designs offered in my online shop shortly. Next up, we'll be releasing handcrafted components I've designed for Rabbit Hutch Beads. Once we have those rolled out, you'll love the next step in our plan: interchangeable pendant necklaces. I've created a collection of sterling silver pendants that allow you to change the pendants/beads that dangle from them, to coordinate with your outfit as you please. Word has gotten out that these are on the way and we're already receiving requests for the exact release date. Stay tuned! :)

If you've visited the shop lately, you've noticed I'm sure that I'm thoroughly enjoying beach design this summer! I love the offerings in my online shop right now, such juicy, summery colors and great styles that go from casual to formal right along with your day.

One of my favorite beach themed bracelets sold as soon as the doors opened, at a recent show. Visions of the calm, quiet rage of the immense seems-to-never-end ocean like this one by a photographer on Long Island, inspired the bracelet:

Although most of my pieces are one of a kind, I'm thinking I might need to re-make this one, or at least re-create something close. It's been popular with everyone who has seen it and I'm in love with it!
I called it "The Boardwalk", as it includes a touch of weathered wood throughout, adding great texture and neutral color. It just takes you to the boardwalk, seaside shopping, lunch in a beachside cafe ... ahh!

I hope to work on some new earrings this week, so stay tuned to the shop! I had an overwhelming response to the last collection of earrings I released and I'm working on some new designs to offer.

Well, I'm off to start my "to do" list for the day. The kids are enjoying a summer day camp, so once I've dropped them off, the creativity begins! Happy Monday and as always, thanks for stopping by! My online shop: http://www.MyHappyThings.etsy.com