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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace

Just sharing the latest addition to my shop, a Breast Cancer Awareness necklace in sterling silver. A friend recently special ordered a Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet from me for a gift, which we custom-designed to be a little more trendy and stylish than the typical awareness jewelry you find on the market. It was so popular with her friends and family that it resulted in multiple repeat orders, including one for herself! Not only was I delighted that they enjoyed the design and piece so much, but it was interesting to learn that people are very frustrated with the lack of "nice, interesting Breast Cancer Awareness jewelry" available. Out of these discussions came the idea to make a sterling silver necklace that was nice enough to wear regularly, but still stylish enough to get some attention. The dangle pendants on this necklace add a splash of fun in color, yet retain a sophistication with the sterling silver & glass and offer the current trend of wire wrapping - all at the same time. It was a difficult piece to photograph though, as I think it looks nicer in person than the photo represents. I love the opportunity to adorn a clasp with beads or maybe a charm ... as a person with very short hair, I like to have something interesting in the back too! :) This necklace is currently available in my shop and I just thought I'd share the background with you here on the blog. That's my piece of happy to share today - hopefully bringing a smile to someone out there who would like a Breast Cancer Awareness piece that's a little more fun, and a little nicer than the usual! Have a happy day!

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