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Friday, July 16, 2010

Coming Attractions

There is so much you can design, to go with summer fashion! Lately, I've had all kinds of ideas and just can't find the time to make them all. Of course, I'd rather have the problem of too many ideas, than be sitting in front of the design board trying to "get creative" and drawing a blank! The other night, two ideas for bracelets came to mind and even though it was getting late, I had to stay up and work the designs. I knew that if I went to bed, my mind would race dreaming up the details and an hour later (after having not slept a wink) I'd be plodding down the steps to hammer out the designs, so my mind finally could rest. This might sound a bit overwhelming or oppressive, but it's actually wonderfully exhilirating to have charged up creative energy like that!

Here's a peek at the two bracelets that will post in my shop later this weekend ...

This one has ceramic discs that are a wonderful texture, hand-wired together. It is very lightweight and I love how minimal and neutral the piece is. Perfect for a hot, summer's day when you want a little touch of style or interest, but don't want to feel your jewelry hanging off of your wrist. I made earrings and also will likely make a necklace as well. Simplistic, but trendy and still unique!

This bracelet is just all kinds of fabulous! Concave pieces of shell, strung opposite directions providing wonderful shape and visual appeal. The oversized jet black pearls ground the somewhat-chaotic style of the shell pieces, with dark, bold clean round lines at the ends and in the middle. I think the reason I am so in love with this piece, is because it's bold and makes a huge statement - but in a subtle, quiet way. It's not screaming out "hey, look at me - I'm fabulous!" ... but when it catches your eye, you have to linger for a few moments to take it all in. My mother would say, "That's pretty big! And isn't that sharp? I don't think you'd want to be poked by your bracelet all day." (yes, I have a very practical, reserved, traditional jewelry-mom and yes, she thinks most of the stuff I make is crazy!). Although the shells are squares, they have rounded corners and are not sharp. It sits very comfortably on your wrist and although it is a big bracelet, it's not really "in the way". It's absolutely gorgeous in person and I just love it, love it, love it! So much so, that I'm in the middle of making a necklace with a similar design. (Don't worry Mom, I'll make sure it doesn't poke anyone in the neck!)

A few other items are off of the design board, but haven't been loaded into my shop yet ... and a few sketches lay ready to be put together with wonderful colors and textures, so stay tuned to the shop! Thanks for stopping by the blog, I hope you're having a wonderful July!

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