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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warm Organics Bracelet

I'm quite delighted with this bracelet I just posted in my online shop. It's a beach-inspired asymmetric blend of wonderful organics ... I just love to use materials like this! I've included two carved bone pieces, treasured vintage unglazed ceramics from 1972, wood, pearls and seashells, as well as stones with some beautiful soft corals. When I handcraft chain like I did with the stone cubes, it takes the piece to the next level of 'handcrafted' as people appreciate the fact that someone meticulously twisted, wrapped and worked the wire to give the jewelry wonderful drape and interest. This piece began with the row of warm colored stone cubes. I was in love with their soft hues and love how they subtly related to each other side by side. Wanting to extend their warmth and earthiness, I naturally was drawn to these organic materials and they took me to the warmth of the summery, natural beach. I'm quite taken with the final design and hope that someone relates to the colors and materials to enjoy it!

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