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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Good to see you yesterday!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth yesterday, at my church's annual Craft Bazaar! What a successful show! It was a delight to meet everyone and see some regular customers as well.

What was popular at the show? Well, it was as diverse as my jewelry is ... so I think we're a good fit! Probably the biggest change for this show, was that I brought quite a few more earrings than I usually do. I've been thrilled and flattered that my earrings have been so popular this year and I have quite a variety of styles for fall shows this season. My designs that mix crystal and metal, as well as glass and metal always go quickly. I was pleased to bring some of my new metalworks collection of earrings, with texturized artisan finished natural brass and copper, mixed with semi precious stones. They're always my personal favorite, and I was happy they were so well received yesterday. Thank you!

Of course I never seem to have enough necklaces, as they always go so fast! And I'm so thrilled so many of you love my bracelets as much as I do. Bracelets are always my favorite thing to make ... it just feels so good to put a really great bracelet on, to complete or spice up your outfit for the day and feel special! From semi precious stones, to crystals, glass and chain, someone found something special in their style. How delightful!

For the next shows, I have a new collection of adjustable, memory wire bracelets that conform to the shape and size of your wrist. Designed with gorgeous shades of semi precious stones, glass and gems, I think you'll find that they're a wonderful addition to your wardrobe! Of course I'll have more earrings, necklaces and bracelets as always, there's always something new and different cropping up!

Please keep in mind that if you see a pair of earrings at a show and would like a different earwire, I would be happy to switch them out for you. I had several special requests yesterday, and was able to easily change the earwire or post to a preferred style on the designs they were interested in, while they were at the show. I'm happy to accommodate if I can!

Keep in mind that I'm never able to get everything photographed for my website, so my online shop is just part of my available designs ... stop over and take a look at the next show!

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