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Friday, June 11, 2010

Purse Jewelry: it's about the accessories

Creativity grows from all kinds of inspiration, found in all kinds of places. Frankly, it doesn't matter what spawns it, an idea is an idea! I get ideas from all kinds of places, the whole subject of 'inspiration' could go on infinitely. Sometimes the link between my inspiration is complex, sometimes a very indirect path (most people would say, "how did THAT make you think of THIS??") and yet sometimes it's very, very simple.

PURSES. Have always loved them, have always needed and will always need more. When I had kids, the whole diaper bag situation was fun for a while, as this opened a whole new niche in the bag market to me for my shopping pleasure. After a while, changing all of that stuff from bag to bag regularly to match my outfit (which frankly, was typically covered with something that someone threw, spilled or threw up on me anyway), became too cumbersome and I succumbed to basically taking the same bag most of the time, like "regular people" do.

But then after losing quite a bit of weight over the past year, fashion and the whole idea of coordinating colors became fun for me again. With this new me - or finally back to the old me (whichever!) - I realized that I could once again delve back into the joy of handbags to match my now fun-again outfits. Shopping for smaller purses to hold just MY necessities on outings during the kids' preschool hours was now the priority. Being able to leave the diapers, extra clothes & straws in my big bag, lightened my load as I happily re-acquainted myself with the handbag department the first time shopping without the kids again. This was my find ...

... a wonderfully textured, happily multi-colored, "Yes, it's summertime!" handbag, that coordinated quite nicely with several of my new summer clothes. PURE DELIGHT! As I watched the sales clerk bag up my new piece of happiness, I knew I had to make some jewelry to match. After all, if the purse matched my clothes, clearly jewelry created in this same color montage would be perfect to complete my summer fashion glee, as well! My style is rarely bright & shiny, typically a little muted and earthy, but still colorfully cheery. These elements came together for me to create the perfect pair of 'throw-on quickly, but still look stylish and unique' pair of small earrings. I love them, and decided to make some to sell, so someone else might be able to share the joy. :) They have been quite popular and I'm thrilled my purse has led to someone else's happiness too! I'll probably work on at least a bracelet, if not some kind of necklace to further complete the summer color set soon. After all, what's wrong with making jewelry to match your purse?!! ACCESSORY HAPPINESS!

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