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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today was one of those days where I will look forward to rest tonight, tired out from the day's activities. But tonight is different, it's almost a refreshing tiredness (if that's possible). My boys were visiting Grandma & Grandpa by themselves today, which left Mommy free to galavant! As much as I love my kids and being home with them, I still need a day to myself now and then to collect, re-center and refresh ... although the opportunity doesn't come very often. I made the most of today and got out to enjoy several destinations I was interested in, that aren't typically "little kid friendly". Not only did I enjoy the wonderful weather we had here in Ohio today, but I was energized and inspired by new sets of sounds, textures, smells and colors that I don't always get time to enjoy (or I see them as I'm speeding by dragging the boys saying, "We'll just be one more minute!"). I came home feeling like "an adult", having not stopped at McDonald's once today! I came home inspired, with so many new ideas for my jewelry designs. It's nice to be tired once in a while, because you took time for yourself to refuel, refresh, get energized, get inspired by something - anything ... and go to bed ready to rest your body so you can jump up with enthusiasm you've found and get going!

Here's a sneak peek at one of the items that will be posting in my shop tomorrow:
It's a piece loaded full of unique, high quality artisan elements. The dragonfly is Thailand Karen Hill Tribe Silver, which is 97.5 - 99% genuine, pure & high silver content. Sterling Silver is only 92.5% pure silver, so this fine silver is easier to bend and shape into forms, but still maintains its aesthetic and unique qualities. The 'ShuShu, Honey & Midnight colored, Jambo S' bead in the center is from the 'Midnight' color family of Kazuri beads. "Kazuri" is Swahili for 'small and beautiful'. These beads are handmade by disadvantaged members of Kenyan society, of clay from the Mt Kenya area. An opportunity to receive training to hand make and hand paint the ceramic beads, often provides means for an extended Kenyan family of 20 or more. They are a kaleidoscope of African colors and Kenyan art, that benefits families and provides very special and unique, high quality material for use in jewelry design. The mixed metal design of the necklace is balanced by double chains of gunmetal and Vintaj brass. As someone with very short hair, I often like to include "a little something" in the design, for the back of my necklaces and here I've suprised with silver tube beads and heishi discs of silver, gunmetal and copper, leading to a fun, easy-to-do-without-looking S clasp.

I'll be busy working on more designs, so this is just the first that will begin posting tomorrow. I hope you find something to take a moment to enjoy in the next few days, to refresh & re-energize yourself a bit too! Time for yourself = ME HAPPINESS!

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