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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lime green - is it for everyone?

I think in the future I will look back on this spring and summer as the time when I "discovered" lime green. I'm not naturally a fan of green, it doesn't look particularly good on me and it's never really caught my eye. So you can imagine my surprise, when I found myself continually being drawn to lime green this season!

With all the gorgeous blue & green combinations fashion trends have brought us lately, I think I've seen a lot more lime green than ever before, as well as in different shades. Now there are people who have always liked and/or worn lime, but in my mind it has always been a color for "those people". I don't know what switch flipped in my mind, but suddenly I began realizing that this color really adds a lot of "fresh" and "pop" to whatever it accompanies, and really doesn't have to "match" anything to be included. It kind of goes with everything! (If you're not a lime green fan - take a moment to catch your breath after rolling your eyes at that statement! Okay, now read on ...) Soon after I realized my new attraction, Helen O'Donnell a local artist wrote this excerpt in her newsletter from The Gahanna Bead Studio, where she is co-owner in Gahanna, Ohio:

"In Shades of Grey, [a sci-fi book by Jasper Fforde] lime - the hue not the fruit - is used somewhat as a tranquilizer, bringing a peaceful feeling of well-being to whomever gazes upon it. I'm not surprised. For years I've considered lime green, or chartreuse, to nearly be neutral; I cannot think of a single color in my wardrobe that lime cannot be worn with, and I'm drawn to it whenever I choose beads or clothing."

Bingo - I'm not the only one experiencing this! Now you won't suddenly see me walking down the street in a lime green shirt these days, but you very well may catch me wearing a lime green bracelet with a little brown, blue or even cream mixed in ... with no other green noticable in my outfit. I'm enjoying the discovery of how great this color can be when treated more like a neutral, in accessories. Give it a little thought and see if you don't look at lime green a little differently the next time you see it too!

As always, thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out my "Christmas in July" sale at http://www.MyHappyThings.etsy.com/, some people have gotten some great deals! Here's something I never would've thought I'd be closing a post with:

Happiness - lime green!

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  1. What a wonderful blog! Welcome to the world of green, Susan.