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Monday, November 28, 2011

Design Challenge: the final design!

What fun it was to participate in this design challenge! Per my previous blog posts, the "reveal" day is finally here. My flower was bright red, leprechaun green and a lemon yellow. Bright and cheery, I was inspired to think of many different necklace designs I could integrate this wonderful artisan piece into! As I discussed in yesterday's post, I used two determining factors to decide what my final design would be with this piece, (1) looking like "me" and (2) continuing the flow of creativity. I chose to design my flower into a pendant ...

Although I had many different materials that coordinated nicely with the flower, each idea I had seemed as neat as the next and I couldn't decide what the perfect final "design picture" was, to frame this unique piece. I decided to use it in one of my handcrafted pendants, taking it one step further and getting it ready for another set of creative hands, eyes & mind to run with even further. I've been surprised and thrilled with how popular my handcrafted design elements have been this year and have really enjoyed the new experience of "framing" elements, textures and materials up into design elements, for jewelry makers to use in their final jewelry pieces.

I wanted to give the artisan flower a neutral, earthy background with depth, allowing the texture and natural elements of the copper to do its thing. I worked the copper into the design shape I envisioned, texturizing and oxidizing the different areas, to provide a layered depth to the piece. The oxidized and slightly buffed & polished dashed background behind the flower, have almost a natural woodgrain-like effect. The bright, brassiness of the hammered curve to the left of the flower provide a sense of playful whimsy, while grounded in the slightly more formal and traditional finish of the bright, shiny staticly-textured copper.

I've provided two connection points in the upper corners of the pendant, to allow for flexibility in working it into a design. I can see the pendant working wonderfully with kumihimo, looking great with wire, metal and chain, providing character to an earthy mix of wood and natural beads or balancing out multiple strands of seed beads. The pendant comes with two antiqued copper jump rings, that are open so they can be removed if desired.

The pendant is available for sale in my online shop at: http://www.MyHappyThings.etsy.com and I also happen to have a set of ceramic beads that coordinate with it, available in the shop as well!

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  1. Cool pendant!! Love the color of this flower, and it looks awesome with the copper. So creative, nice work!

  2. What a lovely piece you made! The textures on the copper are very neat!

  3. I love your work!! And the colors you use are joyful! It is so much fun to see what everyone else has done with them! Love your style!

    I am also participating in the hop, but for some reason my name didn't get on the list. :-) Kris

    sorry, I commented on the wrong post, I was reading your blog! love it! LOL! Have a fun day!

  4. What a unique pendant. I love that your design did not take away from either the flower or your handmade copper piece. They work together so well.

  5. I love what you did with your flower headpin! Very creative and pretty. I would love to see the necklace some lucky buyer might make with it!

  6. Very cool pendant. I love the bright colors against the copper.

  7. Susan, I really like your pendant it is very creative and one of a kind. Nice work!

  8. Great pendant. The colors in the flower look terrific with copper. I've been taking some beginning metals classes and love your design and how it incorporated two-sided texturing on the copper. Beautiful work.

  9. I love the pendant. The textures and color of the copper make the flower pop!

  10. Beautiful pendant and a great idea. also love your idea of continuing the idea of creativity by letting someone else to add their creative touch to.

  11. Very creative, very nice. Love what you did with your flower.

  12. Fantastic! I love the texture on your copper! A perfect play of texture and color!