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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Blues

It's funny how sometimes you start designing a piece of jewelry ... and by the time you're done, you're surprised with the direction you ended up taking and the way it came out! This was the case with this set of handmade lampworked glass tablets and discs. Initially, I purchased the small tablet shapes with intentions to wire-wrap them with gunmetal wire and keep them simple. Once I started working with them, the wire-wrapping vision wasn't happening in a way that was satisfying me, but brass chain kept coming to mind. So I finished the earrings and listed them in the shop. A few days later, I felt like the earrings were maybe just a start, and beckoning for a coordinating necklace and bracelet. I picked out the disc shaped lampwork pieces from the same artist and got to work. When I started designing, I wasn't sure were the design was headed. But by the time I had the bracelet finished, I was quite delighted. I knew exactly what I wanted in the necklace and was anxious to get started, laying the materials out for the next block of time I had to design. Well, apparently my kids didn't get that memo, because the materials sat, and sat, as each day got busier than the next and the kids seemed to get more and more needy! Walking past that beautiful pile of cool blue textures and materials was killing me all week. Finally, I found enough time to sit down and finish the necklace ... I'm so relieved! Hope you enjoy the wonderfully comfortable and relaxed combination of blues as much as I do!

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