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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bronze Metal Happiness

I think I'm ready to start thinking about fall. I've been resisting, as I love to wear my long knit skirts, sleeveless shirts and leather thongs ... that look always works well with my jewelry designs! But when picking up some socks for the kids this week, I stole a few minutes to try on a sweater or two in this season's warm, enveloping tones and it got me thinking fall. Since feeling that soft yarn against my skin, I can't stop thinking about warm metals, all the natural textures that can go with it and how great it all looks layered up. Just enough effort in the design to draw your eye, but slouchy enough to say "casually chic". Love it! I took some time to design the first in what I hope will be several warm, fall-metal pieces and thought I would share. I really love this one, as it's all grounded in a wonderful oil-rubbed bronzy metal. It feels as great, as it looks. Heavy enough to be a bit weighty, but not bothersome thanks to the lightweight natural textures included. Its smooth metal drapes softly over the wrist, almost caressing you. To me, this piece is a wonderful example of when color, texture, season and style all come together in a mixed-media piece, in one of my designs. What colors are textures are you looking forward to this fall?

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