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Sunday, September 19, 2010


As a designer, you don't often finish a piece that you don't really like, or really love. Typically there's something that you liked about the idea or materials to begin with that gave you the vision and made you want to design it. If you're not happy with the end-result, you take it apart and re-design or scrap the idea altogether. The consequences of this situation are that you are in love with every piece you make, and it can be difficult to let them go! I have discovered over time though, that when I immediately finish a piece I often think "Oh, I can't sell this one, I have to keep it!" ... but a week later, after designing my next 3 "favorite pieces" it's not quite as hard to post it, send it to the retail store or go ahead and sell it to your customer who's been asking about it.

Having said this, I am completely smitten with this new fall-colored bracelet called "Welcome Autumn":

The hues are unmistakably fall, the mixed metals of antiqued copper, gunmetal and antiqued brass draw you in, who doesn't love leaves? and the harmony of the piece just dances when you see it in any light. I think what takes me from "really love it" to "smitten", is the specific colors of blues, greens, reds and a pop of yellow - all presented in warm, autumn tones, that make me smile and blush a bit when I see it. It's bold yet dumure, happy yet sobering, warm yet bright ... I could go on and on. I'm not much of a primary color person for my own clothing, and have just recently discoverd shades of blue I really like wearing. The hues in this gorgeous fall piece are singing a beautiful song and I love it ... maybe you will too?

I haven't even posted this piece in my shop yet. It's adjustable up to a touch over 8", so a great fit for everyone. All of the handwrapped (by me!) glass, wood, mixed metals and Swarovski pearls in this piece are priced at $48. If you are interested, you have the advantage of having stopped by my blog today ... email me at MyHappyThingsHi@aol.com and let me know. I will put it on reserve for you. Happy Sunday and happy beginning of autumn!

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