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Friday, December 2, 2011

$1 Shipping this season!

This season, let's celebrate with $1.00 USPS 1st class shipping* !! I hate it when I find something I really like online, decide I'm comfortable with the price ... then find out it's going to be another $5 - $10 on top of that to get it to me! Somehow, I forget about shipping, when I'm "window shopping" online! So let's take the frown out of ordering online, by only charging $1.00* to ship my jewelry to you, so you can get what you want and smile while you order it! Happy Holidays ... enjoy!!!

*$1.00 shipping covers all items except the "Susan's 7" value priced items. Many of these items are at or below material cost already for only $7, so regular 1st class mail charges of $3.00 will apply to items from this section of my shop.

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