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Monday, December 5, 2011

Animal Print Hoop Earrings!

Rarely do I have my artisan lampwork glass jewelry ready in time to post online, before sending it to the lampwork artist I design for. I'm always last minute - no shocker, to anyone who knows me! I've had these amazing animal print sided lentils she made, in my stash for some time. They're the kind of beads that are so cool, you want to make sure you find a great design to showcase them. This holiday season, I've been adding a bit more "shimmer" to my designs, a bit of a change from the more matte, opaque designs, I typically create. While working on a necklace to send to the lampwork artist's next show, I had a vision of these animal beads in these fringey, slightly shimmery large hoops ... and knew I was ready to commit the beads to the design! If my neck were even just a touch longer, I would keep these for myself, I love them so much! For some reason, I often seem to design earrings that are just a bit too long for my petite stature ... maybe it's subconscious self defense, so I don't keep everything for myself! :) Anyway, they're in the shop for a day or two before I ship off my next lampwork package, so enjoy!

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