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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hoop earring set - the gift of impatience

Mid-sized, oxidized handcrafted sterling silver hoop earrings are all the rage right now. Dangle an awesome stone or cool cut glass from them, and they're even better! I've just posted a set of oxidized sterling silver hammered hoops in my shop, with 10 different dangles. You read that correctly ... TEN different dangles! Wear them alone, or slide any of the stone or glass sets on that I've included and you get 11 different earrings, in one set! 

I made the hoops the other day. I don't often make hoops (I don't know why?!), and when I do they typically sell very quickly. After thinking about that, I decided I wanted to make a really dark pair - cool, dark blackened/gunmetal looking and hammered. So popular right now and they update your style with their rustic, trendy, handcrafted look. 

I'm in between sterling silver shipments right now, and these earrings used up the last little bit I had in stock for the moment. After finishing them, I decided I wanted to make another pair with a single, cool dangle too. Once I got the image in my head, the plain hoops were calling to me each time I saw them, to add something to them. While plain hoops are great and so versatile, I couldn't get these dangles out of my head ... and they just wouldn't wait! 

As I was digging the materials out that I had in mind, I came across several more stones and beads that I thought would look so great with the hoops. I started laying them out and when I was satisfied with what I had pulled, I had enough for 10 different sets of earrings! They were all beckoning to me, "pick me!", "pick me!". The stacked turquoise nuggets were awesome with these hoops, but the purple & blue are such popular colors now and these beads showed the colors so beautifully ... and then there were the clear quartz with pyrite - which are just so "me". I COULDN'T DECIDE! 

The option to wait for more sterling silver crossed my mind. 10 different dangles could mean 10 different sets of earrings to add to my shop. Of course, that involved me being patient and waiting. We're already amidst the season of waiting for the birth of Jesus Christ, and all of the celebration that goes with that. I couldn't wait anymore! So I decided to give the gift of offering the possibility of 11 sets of earrings, at a very low per-earring price ... all packaged together! So Merry Christmas, I hope someone finds these and either enjoys their ultra-versatility themselves, or gives them as a gift and feels that swell in their heart that happens when you know you're giving something that they'll be able to use, and will bring them joy! 

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