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Saturday, March 3, 2012

30% off my shop!

That's right folks ... it's Spring Sale time - 30% off!

I've never run a full-shop sale before online, so I'm branching out and trying it! I realized I needed to move some things, when I was looking for a certain bead earlier today. I couldn't believe how many supplies I still have stashed, and realized how much jewelry there is to be created! I need to clear out some of what's online, to make room for new designs. I always love warm weather jewelry ... fresh, fun and so "see-able" in shorter sleeve lengths and open necklines. Plus, earrings just ROCK when you can shed that heavy coat or turtleneck!! 

I'm trying out Etsy's new functionality "Etsy on Sale". It assists you in listing the sale prices and setting everything up logistically. I'm hoping it runs smoothly ... I guess we'll know soon enough, if anyone takes advantage of the sale! 

So 'click on over' to the shop and see if there's a little something you'd like to have ... and be sure to get it while it's discounted! I'd love it if you'd pass the word to a friend!

Thanks & happy shopping!

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  1. PS: If you're missing my "Susan's 7" items ... they'll be back after the sale!