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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Best Value & Most Overlooked

Spring Sale week continues in my shop and I still enjoy watching the "popularity contest" among my designs. I never know what's going to sell next and just when I think something's never going to move ... someone snatches it up! I can't tell you how many times I've tagged an item in my mind to re-design, and just before I get to it, someone selects it to purchase. I've mentioned before that I rarely keep designs for myself ... and I find the same phenomena with that issue. Once I think about pulling an item out of my shop, or keeping it at home when it comes back from the show circuit, it sells! 

In looking ahead to designing for the summer, I'm thinking of approaching things a little differently. I typically don't "intentionally" purchase materials, knowing I want to make "that kind of jewelry" for a season. My process is much more fluid than that. I tend to select materials I like or that speak to me or move me, and then I wait until the vision flashes and I can see the finished design in my mind. So quite often, I have new materials in my hands but don't design with them right away. There are times when I sit down with some materials I want to use, and I "work" at designing with them, but the majority of what I make kind of comes to me randomly. Once I get a feeling or idea, I just sit down and go with it. But this season, I'm toying with the idea of being more intentional, and planning out what I want to carry in my shop and retail locations this summer. 

Artisan Lampwork Glass earrings, new to the shop for summer
(Now $20.30 in my Spring Sale!)

I kind of giggle when I think of actually doing this, because I have no idea how I'm going to decide what my plan should be! I'm terrible at knowing and deciding what people will like. I literally just make things that I would like to wear, and then put them out there and see if anyone else likes them too. So often, I design a piece and see it used in a certain style and fashion in my mind, and am so surprised with who buys it and how they tell me they're going to wear it! I'm thrilled ANY time one of my designs moves someone, and they decide to make it a part of their personal style. But don't ask me to tell you what the trend will be, or what will sell well ... because I'm always surprised!

On this note, I share with you today two items from my shop, on sale this week:

BEST VALUE - I have a set of interchangeable hoop earrings in my shop, that are an unbelievable value. At regularly marked price, it was a good deal ... but now that they're on sale, it's almost crazy! The handcrafted & hammered sterling silver oxidized hoops come with 10 sets of dangles to use on them, to suit whatever you're wearing. They range in color, texture and finish and really give you an option for just about every day of the week! While I've had a few people look at them, I can't believe no one has snatched these up! You generally would only get 1 or two pair of hoops with a single dangle, for the sale price the whole set is being offered at now. Why do I offer the set? Frankly, I couldn't decide which to make one day, when I was running low on sterling silver. I only had enough left to make one set of hoops, but had all these ideas for great dangles with the oxidized, hammered style and color. I decided to go ahead and put them altogether, as kind of a bonus buy. I thought they would be gone right away ... but as usual, I have no idea what I'm talking about, and they're still hanging around! :) So if you're wondering what the best 'value' in my shop is right now ... this is clearly it!

MOST OVERLOOKED - You know how sometimes you find something that's just such a cool color, and has such a cool texture or finish that you love to stare at it? Well, the faceted glass in these earrings are just like that. A beautiful blueish-green jade color, the facets and perfection of this glass make them just dazzling. Not in a flashy, "HEY look at me!" way ... but in a "Oh yeah, you might want to take a second look" kind of way. I really love the hammered, trendy washer rings that link together and suspend the beads. The style is very current, and they're beautiful and very unique. But I've been surprised how much attention these earrings are NOT getting, in the shop! I'm wondering what it is that is making people "miss" them, or overlook them, because I'm pretty sure that if for sale in person, they'd be gone in a heartbeat. So I share with you the most "undeservingly overlooked" item in my shop right now ... these cool earrings!

I appreciate you stopping by today and sign off with a quote for today:

"Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling."
                                                  - Margaret Lee Runbeck

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