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Friday, March 9, 2012

Last Day!

Today's the last day of my Spring Sale! 30% off everything in the shop ... so be sure to stop by before 11:00pm EST tonight to take advantage of the savings!

To follow this week's blog trend, here are yesterday's Top 2 admired pieces, still available in my shop:


And in a close 2nd place ...

The Spring Sale has been so much fun! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by. 

Today's design note to myself, is to make a point to design some black and white jewelry. I put on a pretty fun, trendy black and white outfit today and was quite dismayed to find I did not have coordinating jewelry adequate to do it justice! I find that it sometimes can be difficult to get in the "black and white" mode of jewelry designing, because I enjoy designing necklaces & bracelets with artisan-crafted elements the most. Of course, they tend to lend themselves to a broader color palette, and I sometimes forget that we still need some clean basics for our wardrobe too! - I'll have to get on that. ;)

It's Friday, so here's a happiness quote to take with you through the weekend:

"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
     - Marcel Proust

Is there someone who makes your soul blossom? Your heart smile or feel like it's just been "hugged" when you're around them? If you encounter them this weekend, think about taking a quick second to tell them that they make you smile - it will be like a "hug" back to their heart. Not going to see the person, but they come to mind? A quick email or a nice little handwritten note is food for the soul ... and it will make you feel warm & fuzzy inside after you send it too! :)

Happy Friday everyone! Thank you for stopping by My Happy Things Blog and don't forget to pop in the shop before the sale ends tonight!

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