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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sale Item today - sharing a smile

Honestly, I'm not having a great day today. I'm a pretty happy person, so it's rare that I say out loud "Hey, today's not fabulous!!". I'll be honest - it started out by finding that some wild animal had gotten into our trash early this morning. I was less than happy as I waded through the muddy ditch, wearing inappropriate shoes, picking up the remains of my kids' macaroni & cheese, my Chipotle container and a myriad of other grossness with my bare hands. I kept thinking about the wild animal who had slobbered all over the pieces I was picking up and trying to corral back into the bag. This was after the kids and I lounged a little too long this morning, forcing a race to get ready and off to school in time. I'm not an "early" person by any means, so we're often hurrying off to wherever we're supposed to be, but today for some reason I was a little more disgusted with myself than usual for knowingly putting a pinch on time.

I couldn't find an outfit that felt comfortable (do you ever have those days?), then I wasn't happy with any jewelry selections I attempted.  We didn't have much to choose from for breakfast and the toast we ended up munching didn't thrill the boys or me. I had planned to do a bit of shopping today for a few things I needed, and actually stopping for a bit of pleasant lunch somewhere I always think about stopping but never do ... but it doesn't look like that's really going to work out in my schedule after all. I won't go on with more small instances of non-fabulousness and bore you.

I know none of this is earth-shattering. Everyone's safe. Everything's fine. We're still functioning and the day continues. It's just that I had envisioned today being a day with a "touch of fabulous" for myself (I don't often take those, so I look forward to them when I get the chance!), and instead I ended up disgruntled. I think disgruntled is a good word. Not actually mad, not a big problem, not stopping you from functioning ... just continuing about your day with less than a smile on your face. You can get through - there's just no party. ;)

Just as I was about to cave in to the disgruntled-ness and ditch my semi-stylish outfit I had finally found for sweats and a t-shirt, I stopped and decided to try to do something to force a smile back on my face. So I decided the best way to do that, was to help someone ELSE find a smile ... and put a newly released piece of jewelry on sale! Not only might that put a little niceness in someone else's day, but I obviously would be pleased that someone chose my design and made the purchase.

And so today, these new earrings that were just released last night at $29 in my shop, are 30% off! They're so fresh and clean. The colors remind me of the beach, but I love how they're not "too beachy", so you could wear them everyday with a variety of styles and fabrics. I'm hoping someone finds them and takes advantage of the sale. It's a funny thing with my jewelry - RARELY do discounts make a difference in my jewelry sales. It seems that with my designs, either you like it or you don't, and/or you can afford it right now or you can't. Discounts of 20%, 30% or even 40% rarely make an item sell in my shop. Even at shows, I see the same thing. I've tried running a "get the 2nd pair of earrings half off", towards the end of my show season ... and I still have people who just love my stuff and are buying 5-10 pieces and they didn't even see the sale sign, or I have people who buy one pair and when I tell them about the sale, they still just purchase the one pair. I've had people tell me that I'm not charging enough for my jewelry before, but never have I had someone (or overhear someone) say that I'm over-charging. People seem to realize that the value is represented in my pricing. So I go back and forth on running sales online. Sometimes I think it at least might draw new people into the shop to take a peek, who might not of found me otherwise ... and other times I think I'm running them just to give myself something to do and think about! ;)

Either way, I hope YOU are having a happy day. If these earrings are calling your name, enjoy them at 30% off! Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Hi Susan,
    Murphy's Law, yep he reaches out and touches me too. I hope your day got brighter.

  2. Okay, I had to come back and add that no one took advantage of my sale! So much for delivering smiles through flash sales ... just like I mentioned in the post, it seems a bit irrelevant for my designs - I don't know why!! :)