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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Starfish Dreams: Earth and the Sea

I'm quite smitten with the most recent addition to my online shop!

Toward the end of last summer, I found myself entering the starfish craze. Since Ohio is not near the ocean, I've never been one to go crazy over the "ocean" or "beach" themed things. Sure, I love them as much as the next person, and absolutely wear them while on vacation at the beach, but had been missing the sweetness a tiny touch of the sandy beach can bring to everyday life, even here in Ohio. It's no secret that I love "earthy" ... and I find it's quite delightful to use little bits of the beach, with some of the more rustic, textural elements. 

I've had this selection of stones for some time in my stash. I've always appreciated them ... so much so, that I was afraid I would "under-use" them in a design. I wanted to make sure they were utilized in such a way to bring out the wonderful texture and earthy shades prominently enough to do them justice. I've also always loved this ivory lampwork glass design. Originally, I had full sets of it in different shapes and sizes and enjoyed using every single piece! I'm down to the last few rounds and thought one was just perfect for a special touch in this design. 

While I love the theme and detail in the beautiful elements, my favorite aspect of this piece is probably how "rich and luxurious" the finished design is. Clean ivories, mixed with a depth of earth, crowned with warm and shiny mixed metals. Ooh la la! 


  1. Susan,
    Your pretty bracelet represents the sandy beach very well.

  2. Susan, you have mixed so many of my favorites in this bracelet - the rustic feel, the ocean and the muted colors. It's a real beauty!!