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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stop for the details

I found this gorgeous, macro photography piece in an artist's shop called 
"Smokin Mud Production" on Etsy. 
The reflection of the tree can be seen in the water droplet, delicately hanging on for the last few seconds, to a frail branch. This amazes me. I'm amazed that the tiny water droplet is capable of providing a reflection like this. I'm amazed that the photographer was still enough, detailed enough and observant enough to notice it. I'm amazed that the camera lens is capable of picking up this detail so clearly, and that the camera and media can capture the image, then relay it for us so crystal clearly. Amazing. 

I love to discover something special like this. I'm not a quiet, nor a still person. I'm a last minute, run here, run there, grab this, dump that, kind of person. But since having children, I've found that at different stages and seasons, I've been required to slow down, sit down and be still. Watch someone else. Listen. Pay attention to everything. Notice little things, watch out for things and be patient. Much of this has come while sitting and watching the boys play outside. Although we live in a somewhat country, private setting, we're still overly protective about the boys playing outside and their safety. So my lawn chair has gotten quite  a bit of sit-time over the past few years, as the boys have grown through various stages of needing supervision and help. 

I usually have my camera with me, since I'm a scrapbooker. (at least I used to be, before jewelry took over much of my free time!) I started to notice little details in nature, that are right outside my front door, or in the side yard. And how the same branch, grass, tree bark, etc. can look so different across the seasons ... and how various elements of nature can bring exciting and breathtaking characteristics and views, in everyday things. One fall evening a year or two ago, as the sun was setting I was sitting on my front steps while the boys played in the last bit of the sun's warmth for that day. I looked over to a small, unassuming bush beside my front porch, and the sun was hitting this one single leaf beautifully. It was one of only 3 leaves left on the bush. I gazed at it through my camera, and found that what the camera lens saw, was even more detailed and beautiful than my eye was seeing! This was when I first started to appreciate "the camera's eye" and what photography is all about. 

 I'm not a technical enough person, to stay focused through a photography course, or I'd definitely spend some time taking classes. I'm amazed by great photography. And it's the pictures of "practically nothing" or " a little thing" that I love the most. While I realize I'm no photographer, nor does my photo even begin to compare to the fascinating raindrop photo above ... I still think it's really beautiful, and I'm amazed that I captured it so successfully! Everytime I see this picture, I'm reminded to slow down, look, listen and focus outside myself. Then wonder in amazement at how what I see, hear and come to learn, can be absorbed to enrich my life. And of course it reinforces my love for appreciating the details ... because there's so much around us that we're missing!

What does all of this have to do with jewelry? I guess not much. On the other hand, it's kind of the same appreciation I have for jewelry design, and great jewelry materials. The effect an artisan ceramic or lampwork glass piece can have, is amazing. The special sparkle a crystal can give off when the light hits it just right can brighten your day. The glow of a backlit gem or colored glass with a cool metal can warm you, with that cozy, mystical, yet comforting feeling. So I felt inspired to share my thoughts when I found this photo. If nothing else, I hope you enjoy the raindrop phenomena like I do!

Enjoy the day!

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