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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Special Little Surprise Sale - maybe a bit of sunshine?!

I've had a lot of people visiting my shop and taking a peek at these two items lately! Admiring, re-visiting ... mulling the decision over whether to purchase or not, whether the price is right, whether the time is right. I know that feeling of visiting and re-visiting something you would like to have, but for one reason or another, just aren't sure you can get right now! 

Well, I thought I'd surprise some of the "visitors" with a little price break. I've taken 15% off both of these items for a short time, just in case it helps someone say "Yes!". I thought it would be a nice surprise for someone when they come back to the shop next time, to find a little good news & sunshine waiting for them.   :)  I know I would love that!

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