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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A necklace in waiting

Just got back from what was supposed to be a "quick trip" to a bead store. Of course I went in to grab 2 items, but once my eyes gazed across all that texture and color, my mind started racing! Amidst a myriad of ideas and inspiration, I decided that a great turquoise necklace for the shop was in order. I put together these beauties and knew this was what I had in mind! Can't wait to start working on it while my little one sleeps this afternoon.  Turquoise stones are a relatively new love of mine. I never was a big turquoise fan before, but lately it seems like the stone is so versatile to me! You can where a great turquoise necklace with just about any color ... and I especially love it with black or gray. Whether a simple turquoise piece that quietly complements what you are wearing, or a powerhouse style that makes a statement with your look ... every girl needs some slammin' turquoise!

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