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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hearts & Valentine's Day

Typically, Valentine's Day sneaks up on me and the day of, or day after I think "Gee, I should've made something themed for Valentine's Day!" I don't know why I'm never thinking ahead about this holiday. Well this year, I'm in front of the 8 ball. I came across these lovely little handcrafted ceramic hearts. I'm always drawn to using ceramic elements in jewelry. The handcrafted artisan element appeals to me, but I also love the qualities ceramics provide. Beautiful irregular shades of color across the piece, texture yet a smooth shine. It has that wonderfully earthy quality, while still bringing us brilliantly subdued mixes and shades of color. When I came across these sweet little earthy hearts, I knew I had to create something for Valentine's Day with them. They're on my design board, ready for some action ... and I hope to get to spend some time on them yet this week!

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