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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Decisions, decisions!

Drooling, I scurried to open the package of these wonderfully earthy, picasso beads when the mail arrived the other day. My mind had been racing since I placed the order for the special bead mix, but mostly I wanted to see the warm, earthy colors for myself and hold them in my own hands. (jewelry is so wonderfully tactile!)

Two designs were on my mind ... a necklace and a bracelet. The eclectic mix of shapes, earth hues and texture were calling me to find the perfect ceramic pendant, or maybe a great rustic metal focal, to create a warm and wonderful necklace.

I could also see a great bracelet, one that was warm and mixed with metals ... one that you wear because you love the feeling it gives you when you look at it - whether it matches your outfit or not! I let a day or two pass to mull over my design ideas now that I had the wonderful materials in my hands ... and was surprised by what I actually did with them!

As wonderful as the necklace and bracelet would have been, I was drawn in the end to create four sets of earrings! Warm, rustic, rich and slightly sophisticated in that chic "JJill kind of way" ... each pair could be worn with so many different things. I felt that each design set, came out with a style that could be subtle and muted, while making a great statement in a quiet, intriguing sort of way. The kind of earrings that once people notice, they take a second look to appreciate the detail.

I photographed them in the "new look" (discussed in my last post) and I'm hoping they show online okay. They're in my shop ... so hopefully someone will fall in love with the earthy, rustic look, like I did! As always, thanks for stopping by!!

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